Osteoporosis Tutorials

This is a new series of hooping tutorials for people with osteoporosis.  They are designed to help strengthen your hips and legs while learning an advanced hoop move.  Each tutorial will build on the previous one until you reach the final video and have learned the move.  It is advisable to only continue to the next video if you are comfortable doing everything to that point.  As with any exercise, you should consult a Dr. before attempting these videos.  We will start with a move called the “Twin Revolving Door.”

Even if you don’t have osteoporosis you can benefit by learning an advanced move.  We will learn the move  by using lots of hoop exercises to strengthen hips and help with balance.

If you would like to read more about my experience with osteoporosis, go to the Profile tab at the top of this page.  There is also a “Hooping Interview” video that tells a little bit about the osteoporosis.

Twin Revolving Door Part 1 – Leg Hooping

Twin Revolving Door Part 2 – One Leg Hooping

Twin Revolving Door Part 3 – Lifting leg in and out of hoop

Twin Revolving Door Tutorial Part 4 – Finishing with the 2nd Leg

Twin Revolving Door Tutorial Part 5 – Adding the 2nd Hoop

Waist Hooping Tutorial

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