Six Months A Hooper

On the eve of my 50th birthday (last summer) I stumbled upon the hooping class at my favorite yoga studio. I was so entirely awful at my first class! I have a strong background in dance, so having a rough start was a fairly new experience. In the 5 years prior to hooping I was unable to do any of my favorite activities – jazz, tap, congolese dancing, trail running – because of IT Band syndrome and Achilles Tendonitis. I stayed in shape (barely) with pilates and yoga – both of which are very good for recovery, but not inspirational for me.  Hooping has given me a wonderful creative outlet and put me back in shape – in record time. My Physical Therapist is so amazed and wants to start offering hoop dance at her facility. As of now my ITB syndrome and AT are gone; I still have to be careful, but living pain free again after years of debilitation is joyful.

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Thank you for sharing your video and story, Michele.

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