Twin Hoops Reverse Weave Tutorial

You need to know the single hoop reverse weave with each hand before learning this video.  You can go back to that tutorial by clicking on “Single Hoop Forward and Reverse Weave.”

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3 Responses to Twin Hoops Reverse Weave Tutorial

  1. Shelley says:

    Oooh, I can barely type. I’ve been doing this in slow mo moving a bit faster and faster for 10 solid minutes. I was afraid to stop lest I lose the rythm! My arms feel like jell-o! However, I’m so glad I watched this. I was just working on the reel turn, and I was getting frustrated, so I thought I’d try this. This is another move I’ve been attempting to learn, although I haven’t worked on it much. Your tutorial, Pam, is excellent! I really, really like the way you teach this. After doing it in very slow motion for awhile, the pattern really started clicking with my body. I understood the theory of it all along with my brain, but my fingers/wrists/hands/arms wouldn’t cooperate. This totally helped! I have to stop typing now and rest for a bit. Then I’ll go back at both this and the reel turns.

    Pam, your tutorials are simply excellent. I very much appreciate them, and I hope you’ll make more!! Although there is certainly no rush. I have plenty of stuff here to work through.

    Hugs to you!

    • Pam says:

      Shelley, I’m so glad you like all the videos. I had fun making them for you. Don’t forget, I still have 2 more Twins Turns tutorials to make.
      Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm.

  2. Shelley says:

    BTW, Pam, Sandra at Hoop City calls this the “chase weave.” Well, this one is the backwards chase weave and the forward one is obviously the forwards chase weave. I like that name as it’s very descriptive. The one hoop is definitely chasing the other, and I think it’s a great visual. Thinking of it that way really helps me keep the hoops moving in the order they’re supposed to.

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