Hand Positions Tutorial

Hand positions are the secret to the world of hooping.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced hooper, the videos on hand position are the most important ones.   If you use them, you will find that your hooping will improve dramatically.  I will continue to post tutorials on hand positions as well as including them in the other tutorials.  They will help you keep the hoop in plane so it doesn’t go wonky on you.

The Hand Positions Tutorial is under construction. Coming soon … the New, Improved Hand Positions.

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  1. Jamie Ray says:

    Just a note to thank you for your website and tutorials. I have severe osteoarthritis, especially in my knees and hands (which is somewhat of a barrier) but you have inspired me to keep trying. Hooping has actually helped my OA pain and replaced some of it with “muscle soreness” which I view as a good thing. It is helping my range of motion. Who knew? Thanks again for what you do for so many!

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