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“The Contender”

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New Comments

New comments on Hoopdeedoo…The Early Years

New comments on Twins Turns Part 1

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Practice Video from Stephanie

This is a video of Stephanie practicing the Twin Isolation.  Congratulations!!  Great work.

Click here to see the Twin Isolation Tutorial

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New Comments

Click on the links below to see the new comments.

Hug Weave Tutorial

Three Beat Weave Tutorial

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Under the Leg Toss and Roll Tutorial

This is the 3rd Premium Tutorial for January.

Hope everyone enjoys it.

Go to Under the Leg Toss and Roll Preview

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This is called perfection and control !!!

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Another New Tutorial for January !!!

This tutorial is the first in a series of Combinations Tutorials.

It teaches going from a Split Weave to a Split Turn to a Reverse Split Weave.

You need to watch the tutorial on Split Weaves before attempting this tutorial.

Go to Combinations Part 1 Preview

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New Premium Tutorial … Underhand Thread the Needle !!

This move is a good one to combine with other weaves and turns.

Don’t forget …

The Premium Video Subscription has been reduced to $5 per month.

To see what this move looks like, Click below.

Go To Underhand Thread the Needle Preview

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Price Change for Everyone !!!

Because of the huge response we have received for the January Special Offer, Hoopdeedoo has changed the price of the Premium Video Subscription to $5 per month.

Everyone who has subscribed will have their subscription price changed to $5.   That means if you subscribed to get one month free ( $10 for 2 months ), that is the same as $5 per month.  This will be extended to everyone who signed up for a recurring subscription as well.  We will spend this week adjusting the information on everyone’s accounts. So please bear with us.

Thanks again to everyone who responded.  We appreciate your support and comments.

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Lindsey’s Practice Video

A HUGE thanks to PT Hooper @ for the tutorials on turns!!

Music by Pretty Lights.

Click below to go to Lindsey’s site.

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