Double Crotchin8tor

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Elbow Crank Turns

This one takes lots of practice.

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Three Beat Weave Success

Great job Jill!!!

Check out the first 18 seconds for the 3 beat weave and :36 through :54 for adding a back roll to the Hoop Ringers trick. Thanks for sharing your video, Jill 🙂

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Elbow Sliders

This trick is harder than it looks  …  takes a lot of practice.

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Hoop Ringers

Tossing one hoop through another hoop  …  lots of fun  😀

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The “Ah Ha” Moment !!!!!

This is Lindsay having that “Ah Ha” moment with the Twin Weave.

Pretty exciting stuff at :42 and :54.

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Makes grocery shopping fun !!!  Guaranteed to make you smile.

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Hooping Thread The Needle Rolls

Watch my tutorial on how to do the Underhand Thread The Needle first.

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Create Yourself … Inspirational Hooping Story !!

“Create yourself … yes you can.” These are the words of Carol Harris who wants everyone to know how hooping, diet, and eliminating stress helped her lose 100 lbs.  In her words — “Every day I picture who I want to be and take steps to make it happen.”

Four years ago, she weighed 235 lbs and had a horrible limp. Many days it was impossible for her to navigate stairs. She couldn’t lift her hands above her head or touch her hands behind her back. Now, after 4 years of hooping, at 135 lbs, her pain is gone and her mobility is back. She says she feels younger and she looks fantastic. Check out her 2 videos below.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Carol.

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New Hooping Trick

Weave Juggle

This is a fun move once you get the rhythm of it 🙂

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