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My Favorite Hoop Tricks

This video includes the Steve Bags 5 Beat Weave

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I Just Love Hooping

Turns, Tosses, Transitions, Rolls

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Tricky Twins

What does it look like when you put all the tricks together ??????

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New Christmas Video

Christmas Hooping Joy to Everyone All Year Long ! Both videos are the same. If you can’t view one, try the other one.

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Twin Hooping to Firework

Hoop practice to my favorite song.

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HOOPING … not just for kids!

Hooping is not just for kids. My goal is to spread the joy of hooping to everyone. If you want to try it and need instruction, you have come to the right place.  Don’t worry if you couldn’t do it … Continue reading

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New Demo Video … Crazy Weaves

This new video is all about twin weaves.  I tried to include as many as I could so you could see how to combine them.  Included is the split weave (opposite directions hoops weave), hug weave, two different figure 8 … Continue reading

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