New Improved Three Beat Weave Hooping Tutorial

I hope this makes it easier for everyone to learn. This is a confusing trick to learn and to teach. Let me know if you have questions.

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One Hoop Wonder

This one is for everyone who wants to know if I know how to hoop with one hoop … you decide 🙂 Remember, anything you can do with 2 hoops is a lot easier with one hoop … except maybe this hoop.

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Hooping, Hooping, and More Hooping !!

The hooping tricks just keep coming.

Behind The Back Thread The Needle Breaks Hooping Tutorial

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New Hooping Tutorial

This is Round 12 of The Return of the Hooping Contender.

This is a very difficult move but worth the effort.

Behind the Back Twin Spins

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Hooping Website Update

Check out our reorganized website  …

  • New categories  —  Easy to find tutorials
  • Youtube duplicates of every video
  • No more trouble viewing videos
  • More than 40 tutorials  —  New videos added every week

If you have any questions or comments, let us know.

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The Return Of The Hooping Contender

I challenge you to join me in the ring to help finish this series. Your feedback is what keeps me going. Learn the moves on the tutorials and send me your videos. The joy of teaching is to see the success of the student.

This is a tutorial series that I started, but only made it to Round 11. I’m down, but not out. Join me in the ring for the last 41 rounds (videos). If you’d like a blow by blow account on each video, sign up to follow me here on There is a special “Contender” section on the website. Or, if you just want to watch the videos without all of the gory details, they will also be on youtube. You’ll be notified if you subscribe to my channel. If you have any tutorial requests, suggestions, comments, or encouragement, feel free to jump in the ring with me. All videos free all the time 😀

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New Christmas Video

Christmas Hooping Joy to Everyone All Year Long !

Both videos are the same. If you can’t view one, try the other one.

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This One’s For Kelly … 360 Twin Weave Tutorial

Included in this video is a section on how to be creative with your hooping. It may become a new series if anyone is interested 🙂

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New To Twin Hooping

Kelly is new to twin hooping. After only 3 months, she has learned forward, reverse and split weaves, windmill, thread the needle, and turns. Great job, Kelly. Keep up the good work 🙂


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Grandma Hooping !!!

This is a video from an Australian News Network on hooping. Check out the Grandma hooping at 22 seconds !!!  Yep, that’s right, yours truly 😀

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