New Video

HoopDeeDoo … The Early Years

This video is for all the people who don’t believe me when I say I am a klutz.  I have had a ton of requests for this one.  Keep in mind while watching it — if I can learn to hoop, anyone can.

Click here to see the video

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New Tutorial

One Hoop Isolation Tutorial

This one is for Kathleen.  Happy Hooping!!

One Hoop Isolation Tutorial

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New Tutorial

One Hoop Jump Through Following Weave

Hey Elizabeth!!  This one’s for you.

Click Here to see One Hoop Jump Through Following Weave

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The Secret to the Universe of Hooping

Hand Positions

The first video you will want to watch after “How to Make a Hoop”  is the Hand Positions Tutorial. Hand positions are the secret to the world of hooping.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced hooper, the videos on hand position are the most important ones.   If you use them, you will find that your hooping will improve dramatically.  I will continue to post tutorials on hand positions as well as including them in the other tutorials.  They will help you keep the hoop in plane so it doesn’t go wonky on you.

Hand Positions Tutorial

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Interview Video by Mina Liu

Special Thanks to Mina Liu for filming, editing, and producing this superb video.

Kudos to my star student Jennifer.  Without her there would be no video.

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New Tutorials … just added in October

Check out the new tutorials in the Premium Videos

Included are the twin Figure 8 Weave (not what you think !!), the Hug Weave, Twin Split Weave (opposite Directions Weave), and twin weaves with Back Rolls.  You might be surprised at how easy some of these moves are once you learn the basic hand positions.

You can subscribe to the Premium Videos by clicking on Subscribe.  For $10 per month you can have access to all the videos with 3 new videos added every month.  If you would like to see what the moves look like before subscribing,  just click on the Videos tab at the top of this pageand you can see the previews for free.

For those of you who do not wish to subscribe, there will be one new video (free) added every month in addition to the 5 free videos from October.  If you want to see the free videos click on “Videos” at the top of this page or click here.    You are also welcome to follow HoopDeeDoo via RSS Feed, email, or Facebook at no cost.  Just click on one of the icons in the sidebar of this page.

Coming in November …

Knee hooping — hip strengthening exercises to do while Knee Hooping for people with Osteoporosis.   Also good if you don’t have osteoporosis.   (Free Video)

Behind the Back Twin Weave (Premium Video)

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New Demo Video … Crazy Weaves

This new video is all about twin weaves.  I tried to include as many as I could so you could see how to combine them.  Included is the split weave (opposite directions hoops weave), hug weave, two different figure 8 weaves, behind the back weave, and several more.

Crazy Weaves

Click here to go to demo

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